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endcity cryptid

a site for the paranormal and for those who keep up with beings that are just outside of the purview of the american people

what is this site?

it's a mix between a personal blog and a journal. i dont chronicle everything that happens in my life, internet safety and all that, but i do detail the weird stuff that happens.

this site is a connection between the paranormal and the normal. it's proof of the fact that there's more to magic than the government says there is
i cant say too much, because i dont want to get found out and get my license revoked, but know this site is a promise to keep looking. well, as long as its up

what's on this site?

this site is kind of a mix of everything. it started as a way for me to document the weird things id been seeing in my city, but as i kept looking into it, i realized that a lot of people were seeing the same things. so i started a site.

i talk about theories and conspiracies and post sightings of the weird creatures i run into

use the sidebar to get around. you'll find what you're looking for eventually

if you have any questions about this site, or the sightings, shoot me an email over at endcitycryptid@hotmail.com