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about me

general info, don't be a creep

hey, i'm j

anything else really is just extra, but i'll list some basics.
im an 18 y/o and ive been dedicated to finding cryptids and monsters as long as i can remember.

when you're young, of course, you start with faeries even if your second grade teacher tells you they're not real, right?
of course, not many can say they've been to the feywilds. well, i have. that's where this all started.

teachers don't believe kids. they're dumb and they tell lies to make themselves seem better. so, no one believed me. not even when i was able to shoot off some cantrips when i was like 8. im not an idiot, though. i got my magic license as soon as i could. "innate magic" they told me. as if.
no one's done magic in my family for generations, so i was a miracle kid. but i knew the truth

truth is, the government's hiding something from us.
right beneath our noses there are these creatures that no one believes exist. fey, cryptids, monsters. oh they know, but they won't tell us

i know too. ive been there and ive seen the truth. and im determined to prove that wasn't some crazy dream. one blog post at a time.

as always, stay safe and stay hidden readers

some stamps i thought looked nice