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tracking down some creatures (homonculi)

after some comments (and emails) from you guys, i decided to check out some weird sightings you guys have been seeing! now that im out of the area, i can talk about it a little more in detail.
a reader shot me an email about some weird happenings in eastern texas, in one of the more rural areas, and gave me some locations of sightings. these things were described as "little goblins with wings. like the size of garden gnomes" and that's a pretty apt description!

ive seen these guys before, and i was wondering if the user (emailed me by the name ash -- im allowed to share that) had anything to do with it!
figured out pretty quickly she wasn't. i didn't manage to get a good picture, but the one above shows a flying squirrel on a cam. so close.

right, right. these little guys that ash kept spotting are actually homonculi. i've seen them before, and they're actually pretty illegal. it's some high level magic, and so obviously there's a spellcaster down in eastern texas who is having some fun!
these little guys are squirrel sized, and look like "little goblins with wings" as ash put it. they're like helping hands (or spies or messengers) for a spellcaster, and are pretty damn loyal. here's a good sketch of what they look like. cute, huh?

clay, blood, and i think a plant?

making them isn't really common (Highly looked down upon by our dearest government officials) and there's no real info on how to make them. good job to the spellcaster. i managed to catch sight of one (no picture, unfortunately) and they looked pretty sturdy.
curious as to how they were made, but i guess not even i can know all the answers, right?

as always, stay safe and stay hidden readers