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thoughts on the recent werewolf sightings

ah yes, wolves. creatures of family and packs. canines with a wild side and those that cause a fascination among middle schoolers in particular

...listen we all go through a wolf phase i don't need to be judged.

still, these creatures have another form: werewolves. shapeshifters who take the form of wolfmen (or women) on full moons and wreak havoc. werewolves in particular have been causing quite a stir the past few months. it feels like there have been more werewolf sightings everywhere.

these creatures of the night are mysterious. they keep quiet and don't let themselves be known. so why on earth have we been seeing them more recently?
the short answer is: we haven't.

the slightly longer answer lies in media and movies. particularly in recent years, werewolves and other paranormal creatures have started to make more of an appearance. not that this is a bad thing! an increase in an interest in the paranormal means more of a chance that we can finally uncover what the government's been hiding.

if you've been here before you'll know how i feel about the government but if you're not, welcome!
be wary of werewolf sightings, but keep your eyes peeled. maybe they're really out there! and maybe, just maybe, we'll have some good evidence.

as always, stay safe and stay hidden readers