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head back to the blog page?

where have i been?

a reasonable question, it's been what? 5 months?

sorry about dropping off the face of the earth for a while! i'm sure it scared some of you, but for most of you it seemed to just have confused you. thank you for the emails and comments in my absence, i promise i'm responding to all of you in time.

to make a long story short, i've been busy. some issues happened with my family, and after my blogpost about the feywilds there was some fear that i was in trouble.
needless to say, i'm not!

with my tagline on this blog being 'stay safe and stay hidden', i try to follow that advice! keeping myself out of the government and media's eye is the best bet. particularly when i'm playing with something as sensitive as magic. routine questioning (because of a crime in my area -- i won't say more than that) led to some fears that my magic was being questioned again, and so to stay safe i went offline.
other than that, i was still in school. i did just graduate though! so my schedule here should solidify a little more.

between the questioning, fears about my magic and the government silencing me about the feywilds, and a general unease in my community, posting and investigating was hard. still, i'll be doing my best to keep on investigating and bringing you guys the truth.
i think i'm safe from a memory wipe, but you never know. if anything happens, some of my closest friends have access to my stuff. if i disappear, i'll make sure you guys know.

all this to say, sorry for the silence, but i'm back and i dont plan on stopping!

as always, stay safe and stay hidden readers